Dimas Production announces the release of the action series LolaTheSeries

Actress and movie producer Celine Dimas comes up with another blockbuster,the actress/producer who has also  produced other short films like Psycho,Yawa and Lara  and also stared in soap operas like,,mom and i ,head of state, hills and valleys and movied like jacobs nansion,psycho, after the vow ,walking the lane and  many more now plays the character omolola thompson in this thrilling action series.
Dimas productions is a production house that creates your imagination and is proudly anouncing the release of the first action movie in nigeria LOLATHESERIES staring  CELINE DIMAS , AYO ADESANYA ,CHINEDU EMMANUEL aka NEDU WAZOBIA and VICTOR EDOGUN  And produced by CELINE DIMAS.

LOLATHESERIES is a Nigerian Weekly web and tv Action Short Series that was shot in the heart of lagos state and is yet to be experienced, This action series is based on the adventures of a super hero character, Omolola thompson A.K.A Lola, a famous, sexy ,tough no nonsense female detective who's an expert in cime fighting and is determined to bring culprits to book.

watch out !!! If you are about to commit a crime,

The series is going to be shown weekly on YouTube and will progress to TV as time goes on Lola is coming for you!

You can watch this series every week at WWW.LOLATHESERIES.COM on our youtube  page LOLATHESERIES  and would soon progress to tv as time goes on.

You can watch the movie on @LOLATHESERIES youtube page                                                                   
also visit our social network pages instagram, twitter, facebook @celinedimas @lolatheseries
you can contact Celine Dimas on celinedimas@gmail.com
you can contact Lolatheseries on lolatheseries@gmail.com

or visit our website www.lolatheseries.com
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