Have you ever wondered what doctors do when they have soft or weak erections?

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 Lets Face the reality here, the truth is that every man will suffer weak erection at one point or another especially after 30 years. But what they do to cure it is what makes the difference. See it here now !

We all know that for most people, all they do is to drink alcohol or swallow all sort of concoctions that ends up worsening their situation. According to our doctor friend, there are 3 major reasons why many Nigerian men struggle with getting hard rock erections. They are:

Performance anxiety – which could be due to depression, stress and other emotional issues affect your sexual performance because sexual excitement starts in the head. Performance anxiety occurs when a man anticipates having some form of difficulty, such as difficulties with, or maintaining erections, or lack of arousal, causing him to be anxious or even panicked approaching or during sex.

This can lead to a lack of desire, or an avoidance of sex all together but the solution to this is here: http://multimaca.com.ng/stamina.html

  •   Inadequate testosterone – There is a hormone called testosterone which is responsible for your male sexual energy and how robust your sexual performance is. After age 30, production of this hormone in the body reduces if you do nothing and this affects your sexual performance. Get help on this website: =>  http://multimaca.com.ng/stamina.html
  • Adequate penile blood supply – Finally, here is an important one. For erections to happen, your brain sends nerve impulses that increase blood flow to your penis. The blood fills the chambers in the penis, causing it to expand and become rigid. Out of the reasons listed above, this is the most common one due to the type of foods we consume a lot like – Rice, Yam, Garri, Semo, Fufu etc These foods later turn into excess sugar in your bloodstream and… What too much sugar does is that it damages your blood vessels so that blood can’t flow smoothly in your body. Since the vessels that carry blood into the penis are tiny, this weakens your erections over time until you can no longer have a proper erection. ⦁    Click here for Solution ⦁    <⦁    <
This is the same poison that is responsible for piles and hemorrhoids. But by consistently flushing out this poison (sugar) from your body, blood will flow actively throughout your body including where it matters most for stronger erections. One of the most effective ways to consistently flush out sugar from your body is by taking natural herbs like Maca in combination with another super supplement as seen here=> http://multimaca.com.ng/stamina.html

When you take herbs like this, you will consistently have robust and stronger erections because blood will be able to flow easily into your manhood. Click here to get a highly medicinal and affordable herbal mixture that flushes out erection killing poison from your body and improves your overall sexual stamina.
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