The bedroom secret that can save my marriage and sex life

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I wouldn’t have been able to share this  testimony but I feel I should be grateful to God for receiving my break through via an online testimony too. When I saw the article that directed me to

 I couldn’t close my mouth in astonishment, it was as if the writer placed a monitoring camera on me and saw all that I was going through (sexual weakness) and miraculously I earned my breakthrough, this has made me become a preacher. I know it’s worth it, if eventually I rescue others out there how is suffering this fate (sexual dysfunction).

Honestly I cannot fully explain how shameful it could be to feel so inferior while with one’s spouse. I cursed myself on several occasions for not being able to satisfy my woman. Whenever I watch adult movies and I see how those physically fit guys handle ladies for lengthy duration I feel so envious and I engaged in several sexual stunts (masturbation) in the long run it always boils down to the same old story 1 – 2 minutes ejaculation. I got so tired and frustrated of my woman bugging me and calling me lazy. I was beginning to avoid making love as I know

I couldn’t get her to orgasm and I don’t patronize blow jobs. I was already becoming a drunkard after taking several herbs made with dry gin and hurts for “jedi” because I have always believed I was suffering from excessive sugar/carbohydrate intake.

The trauma continued and I was completely clueless. On many occasion, I will use stimulants such as : Viagra and “trams” I feel so active whenever I used these. I usually get so energetic but I couldn’t transform that into long lasting sex life.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with all my terrifying experience and the nasty things I did. I only wish I could save someone just the exert way through which I was saved. This was through a testimony I read on face book. I knew defiantly I had nothing to lose by trying out the prescription from the poster. He had said a lot already; I must say from his experience, he suffered much humiliation than I did. It was only amazing to hear him say he had a breakthrough.

That was the only thing that made me follow the link that earned him his liberation. Today, I must be honest with you I’m more than victorious because I no longer use any sex enhancement pills and I can stay up for 15minutes or more while making love.

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