Simple and best way to overcome hypertension

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When we stay healthy and had no reasons to book an appointment with a doctor we find it difficult to know a great deal of benefit we enjoy from God. I could have died of High blood pressure and diabetes and never have the opportunity to shear this testimony but two things kept me alive; God and the timely intervention of this link:

 I am quite sure that the busy days and the nature of my work was enough exercise for me. I barely had time for relaxations except for Sundays which I have to share with wife and my 2 kids. Much as I love these kids their jumping around in the house changing of position of things has always been a headache. So I still find to go hang out at evenings for few bottles of beer which was a daily routine of after work thing before returning home. I don’t drink to stupor but my wife wasn’t in total support of my drinking habit. She had to live with it since I never showed signs of letting go.

 Around April 2013, I began to feel changes in my body system.  Most nights I found it difficult to sleep and even when I struggled to I wake the next morning with severe headaches. My boss would always be on my neck during these periods because I was resuming to work late and couldn’t really handle much stress I get fatigued easily. I decided to browse about my condition and thought I was suffering from insomnia since the symptoms matched. I began to practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  I was trying to keep a regular sleep time and wake up time. Then occasionally will use sleep inducing pills.

On the 15th of MAY 2013, I was on my system in the office when I started feeling dizzy everything was suddenly looking hazy and that was all I could really remember. I woke up in an emergency unit the hospital I knew things had gone bad when I saw my wife, mom and younger sister beside me in the hospital. The doctor said my BP was 180/110 when I was rushed to the clinic. They ran some checkups on me then mentioned something like manifestation of renal disease.  I learnt that I was hypertensive and diabetic. I tried in vain to reverse the diabetes but could only manage it. I heeded the doctor’s advice stopped drinking, reduce my intake of salt, had regular exercise and had my BP down to 140/90.

The stats was impressive was what the doctor would say but I wished to restore my health back the way it used to be. I was so tired of the insulin medications and too many forbids. Around December last year I phone an uncle in United States to know how he managed his hypertension,  I remember he would always carry about a blood pressure monitor whenever he is around.  He laughed when I talked about the prospect of flying over to get the best medical attention over there. He told me how supplements had helped him get rid of the worries of hypertension he gave me a link: which he obtained from an advert on THE NATIONS. I couldn’t doubt his words but yet I lacked faith when I visited the site I hesitated for weeks because I had tried so many things out in the past which didn’t work.

My wife made me subscribe and my Uncle kept on calling to check on me. Today the worries are all gone believe me I have never in my life seen a miracle like this my diabetes reversed and BP on 110/80. Kindly visit: to know more and enjoy this amazing health benefit. Share with your loved ones. Happy Yuletide

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