Yemi Alade, the fans looking for her lyrics like Johhny & other stories

We are all supposed to hold hands and get along, no matter what. Some people obviously have a problem with that simple and happy arrangement. These days, and this year particularly, it was raining celebrity – fan spats. Though it gives us material to talk about here and elsewhere but, seriously, it’s probably too much for God to expect us to all just keep it like Adam and Eve before the devil introduced the bad apple.

Not with the new apple of twitter and instagram still around. Celebrities like their fans, true they do. But we haven’t met any that liked asshole fans. Spats and clapbacks are now sadly a consistentfeature of contemporary social media entertainment industry scene. It is now almost a sub-genre of its own. We count down the most memorable of the 2016 social media celebrity – fan fight here:

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